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Find the code for my stop ...

To ask for next departures from a stop using SMS you will need its code - this can also be used with NextBuses mobile internet information service.
Find the code for my stop
Enter the name of the stop, or the street, or the town or village, in the box below and press "Submit". Choose from the list of matches - and you will be offered a map of the area. Move your mouse over the red dot representing the stop you want - and you will see its official name and its code.


With SMS, simply text the SMS code to 84268. You will receive the times of the next three departures from your chosen stop. If you add the service number after the SMS code (with a space between them) you will get the next departures for that specific service. You can also use the SMS code on www.nextbuses.mobi to get next departures from your chosen stop - get a bookmark sent to you for this service by texting "traveline" to 84268.

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This website is closing

For over 20 years, this website has provided impartial travel advice using timetables compiled by all of the local transport authorities (County Councils and Unitary Authorities) in the region. The Bus Services Act of 2017 means that, by the end of 2020. it will be the bus operators' responsibility to make available timetable, fares and real-time location data. The Government expects "the market" (bus operators and internet information providers) to use the latest technological developments to give travel planning information to the travelling public.

Our website is rather dated now, and without funds to develop it with new facilities, and without enhancements to use the latest software developments, the decision has been taken to close it down. The closure was initially due to take place a year ago, and then at the end of March 2020. The rapidly changing data resulting from the Covid-19 outbreak provided a further extension.

This website's last day of operation will be Wednesday 23rd September, when our software contracts and hosting arrangements come to an end. Once our journey planner is taken off-line, this page will offer a number of alternative journey planning websites.

We will continue to provide data to the Traveline National Dataset as the transition to operators' data takes place.

Thank you to the many thousands of you that have found our website useful over the last 20 years.